South Anglia Repeater Group

Serving the Amateur Radio Community in Suffolk

The South Anglia Repeater Group operates the GB7AL, GB3EF, GB3IH, GB3MK and GB3PO repeaters in East Suffolk. The GB3EA and GB3EZ repeaters near Newmarket now have their own web site at

SARG Repeaters


We serve the local Amateur radio users with a method of communication over long distances, using low power radios with the repeater relaying over a wider area. 

Our Repeaters are for licensed radio amateurs to communicate as part of the hobby of amateur radio. Please give priority to mobile users or emergency traffic.

Use of ANY of the Repeaters within our Group for operational, community or planned RAYNET events is at the discretion of the Repeater Keeper only – including all Club Nets.


GB3AL is a 70cm DMR repeater at Tunstall linked to the DV Scotland Phoenix (DVSPh) network at the station of 2E0TDN.

Input: 430.400MHz
Output: 439.400MHz
Colour Code: 2
Keeper: M1NIZ


GB3EF is a 6m FM repeater located at Mendlesham. It is currently on low power pending feeder replacement on the BT managed mast.

Input: 51.220MHz (soon to be 51.720)
Output 51.720MHz
CTCSS: 110.9Hz
Keeper: G0OZS


GB3IH is a 70cm FM repeater at Ipswich Hospital. It is one of the group’s original two repeaters.

Input: 434.700MHz
Output: 433.100MHz
CTCSS: 110.9Hz
Keeper: G6PDE


GB7MK is a 70cm DMR repeater at Ipswich Hospital linked to the DV Scotland Phoenix (DVSPh) network.

Input: 430.600MHz
Output: 439.600MHz
Colour Code: 13
Keeper: M1NIZ

We are aware of reported issues with internet connectivity affecting access to DVSPh talk groups as of 24th July


GB3PO is a 2m FM repeater located at Ipswich Hospital. It is one of the group’s original two repeaters.

Input: 145.050MHz
Output: 145.650MHz
CTCSS: 110.9Hz
Keeper: G6PDE

Historic Repeaters

The group has previously operated three other repeaters.

GB7PP at Mendlesham: Now QRT

GB3EA and GB3EZ at Wickhambrook are now relocated and under new management see

2024 AGM and EGM

An EGM to follow up on the poorly attended AGM on 12th May was held on Tuesday 9th July 2024 at 7pm start at Wetheringsett Village Hall. 8 people attended with four apologies.

Minutes of the EGM and the constitution with the amendments approved at the EGM can be downloaded below. The Committee for 2024-2025 is

Chair: Dave Sparrow G8XOR

Secretary: Iain Moffat G0OZS

Treasurer: Mark Austin M1NIZ

Technical Officer: Iain Moffat G0OZS


GB7AL and GB7MK: Mark Austin G1NIZ
(GB7AL hosted by Steve Friend 2E0TDN)
GB3EF: Iain Moffat G0OZS
GB3IH and GB3PO: Chris Irish G6PDE

The group would like to thank Keith Gaunt G7CIY for his work as Keeper of GB3PO and GB3IH over the past 20 years and Jake Bevan G1YFF for his work as keeper of GB3EA and GB3EZ until their relocation in 2024.

It was agreed after the formal EGM to upgrade the GB3IH hardware to be capable of 12.5KHz channels and seek a frequency change to 9MHz split so leaving behind QRM from low power devices in the 433-434MHz range.


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